Marijuana and Cases of Mental Illness and Memory Loss


Marijuana is one of those abused chemicals across the planet, with dozens of users experiencing adverse health issues annually because of its usage, from lung cancer to other serious problems. Furthermore, prolonged usage of the chemical has been depicted to co-relate with cases of memory loss and mental illnesses. They truly are very serious findings that make the drug more dangerous, more so for young people simply eking their academic limelight.

In the case of mental disease, marijuana definitely includes a severe effect, though it is yet to be known if its usage actually attracts a mental disease, as it’s hard to disentangle the effects of its usage from other different factors that may be penalized individually as cases of emotional issues. After the usage of this substance, patients with Schizophrenia have portrayed some very troubled mental cases of thoughts and senses. The substance comes about with symptoms of depression and stress that activates ideas of suicide.

However, a far more comprehensive relationship of cause and effect between marijuana and a few of these indications is yet to be studied but doesn’t highlight the seriousness putting . The arrangement of use is a depressed, stressed and nervous individual might use the substance for its consequences of mellowing the users and calming them, although the irony is that individuals who use the material often experience dread and paranoia

On the flip side, short and long -term users of marijuana have been known to have an impaired attention and deeply entrenched memory issues which have reduce the ability and ability to learn. In teenagers and adults, the consequences may have catastrophic effects since chemicals that were discovered to be from the chemical may easily restrict production of memories in addition to the endowed skill of retaining consciousness.

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